Tree Services

John's Tree and Landscaping provides full service tree and shrub care for our residential and commercial clients to maintain the safety, beauty and integrity of their properties.  Our unique approach achieves sustainability with sensitivity to the environment; while ensuring the longevity of your trees and shrubs.  We offer natural, organic soil conditioners and environmentally sensitive insect and disease control methods.

Our approach includes periodic site inspections by our arborists, an evaluation of site conditions and plant health, identification of harmful insects or diseases, and soil management and fertilization needs.  Some of our tree services include:

* Tree and Stump Removal
* Tree & Shrub Pruning
* Crown Reduction & Clearing
* Hazardous Tree Evaluation & Consultation
* Emergency Storm Clean Up
* Overgrown Shrub Restoration
* Planting & Replacement
* Plant Health Care
* Mulching
* Fertilization & Soil Management
* Invasive Species Removal
* Insect and Disease Management

Tree Planting

There are quite a number of really good quality garden trees that are underutilized in landscape work.  These have been chosen on the basis of an attractive form and a well behaved root system, as well as a leaf canopy that doesn't create a mess, allows light in and doesn't shade out plants below it.  There are few trees in Southern California that have reliable fall color.

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