We called John Brace of Tree and Landscaping to our rescue after our former arborist pruned our fruit trees in the middle of Summer!  John very calmly came in, assessed the damage and reassured us that he could not only rescue our trees, but he could make sure they survived.  That was the beginning of our professional arrangement with John.  His knowledge, expertise and competence have kept our landscaping looking great all year long.  We heartily recommend him without reservation.  You will be glad John is on the job!

Beth and Ivan Misner, Co-Owners, BNI

I am the property manager of Follet Management Company and have been using John's tree services for about 25 years and I have encountered absolutely nothing but positive and wonderful good service.  He has trimmed trees and trimmed bushes he has done so much work for us and we have been very grateful and extremely pleased and yes we continue to use him...  If you have any further questions please contact me.

Sue Scranton, Follet Management Company, Pasadena, CA

I love the way Alex and Juan did the work cutting our trees, excellent job.  I am so happy, my trees look so beautiful.  They did a great job in cleaning up and even cutting the dead branches off the other tree.  I am super super happy and would love for you to come in two years and do them again.  Thanks again!

M. Hunt, Monterey Park, CA

Whenever we called John for trimming, planting, new sprinklers or if we had a problem, your response was usually the same day, giving us that date when you would be able to come here.  We were always happy with your work and of course the clean up when you were finished.  Now, I know I can always depend on you to do a great job.  Your work ethic is incredible and I am so appreciative.  You are welcome to give a future client my phone number if they should wish to speak with me personally.

C. Daniel, South Pasadena, CA

After LA County accidentally damaged our concrete patio and sidewalk of our home with over 4,000 lbs of slur, we asked John from John's Tree and Landscaping to completely refinish the area with a brand new design.  John explained the beauty and longevity of pavers and took us to see the many designs and colors.  He helped us choose a wonderful grouping of magnificent geometric shapes.

We were in awe at the excellent workmanship during the installation process.  Not only did John's Tree and Landscaping resolve the accident he added value both monetarily and aesthetically with our beautiful paved patio and landscaped gardens.  Thank you so much and it would be my pleasure to recommend John any time to anyone that needs landscape construction for improvement on their home sites.

Rene Altamirano, MD

We were so pleased with the Results of the work that JTL did in our Redding, Ca property.  JTL was helpful in the collaborative design process and brought helpful experience to our naiveté in landscaping.  We particularly appreciate working with someone who values honesty and integrity in their work ethic and found that JTL is about the quality of investing in getting it done correctly the1st time and not cutting corners.  Thank you for making our yard beautiful and efficient to maintain.

Kimiya Deruiter