Sod Installation

John's Tree & Landscaping Inc. installs high-quality, fresh-cut turf grass for our clients from only well known sod dealers.  Pricing is based on the type of sod you select, the square footage of your lawn, and current market prices.

* Kill Your Existing Lawn
* Remove Your Existing Lawn
* Prepare the Soil, Rototill Soil, Rake and Fine Grade
* Install Your Sprinkler System
* Measure for Sod
* Lay Your Sod and Roll
* Keep Sod Moist

Marathon® combines the best of both worlds in terms of beauty and durability.  It is a 100% tall fescue blend of both the Hubbard 87 and Baja varieties both of which are exclusive to Southland Sod Farms, and the result of multiple generations of selective breeding.  Primary selection criteria were dark color, dense crown, disease resistance and fine leaf texture.  Hubbard 87 has been ranked #1 in overall Turf Quality in the USDA-sponsored National Turfgrass Evaluation Program for three consecutive years.

St. Augustine grass is a perennial robust grass widely used for pastures and lawns.  St. Augustine grass is adapted to moist, coastal areas with mild winter temperatures.  It is known to be tolerant of high summer temperatures.  St. Augustine grass is used primarily for lawns as it does not tolerate traffic as well as some other warm season species.  It produces satisfactory turf at moderate levels of maintenance, effectively competes with weeds and other grasses and has only a few serious pests.  St. Augustine grass produces a thick, lush, dark green turf that is highly preferred by homeowners.

We will purchase sod from professional dealers in Southern California.