Illuminate Your Property

At John's Tree and Landscaping, we install a variety of residential and commercial outdoor lighting displays including LED, path, flood, in ground, wall/step/deck all to suit your style and budget.  We can help increase the visibility at night for pathways, entrances and other areas, using soft, natural light.  Proper night landscape lighting we can increase the value of your property while providing security by discouraging criminal behavior.

We pride ourselves on excellent service and complete professionalism on every job we undertake.  And we aim to keep our rates reasonable and affordable without skimping on quality.


John's Tree and Landscaping will troubleshoot your problem, fix your system and restore it to its original performance level.  Some of our services include:

* Replacing bulbs
* Repairing cut wiring
* Rewiring lights
* Repairing or replacing damaged fixtures
* Troubleshooting outdoor lighting systems
* Updating/Moving fixtures for landscaping renovations and changes
* Re-adjusting fixtures
* Restabilizing fixtures in ground
* Cleaning lenses